Cities & Destinations in Mexico

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One of the most important tourist centers of Mexico. Divers of La Quebrada, beautiful beaches with a calm sea and nightlife par excellence, and not to forget, its restaurants and hotels of all levels.


Sede de la Feria de San Marcos y del Festival de las Calaveras, esa gran ciudad industrial, comercial y de negocios ofrece mucha cultura, y actividades de ecoturismo y aventura en sus alrededores.

Bahías de Huatulco

9 beautiful bays, 36 beaches, a nature reserve, a golf course, ecotourism is key in the development of tourism infrastructure where nature created a natural paradise.


Fortified port city with a unique historic center. Stories and legends surround its streets, stately homes, churches, forts, bastions, cannons, lighthouses, walls, and monasteries. It is the gateway to the Mayan world and its majestic archaeological sites.


Treasure of the Caribbean with white sandy beaches, warm crystal clear waters, and a first class tourist infrastructure. Hotels and international restaurants, malls, ecological and aquatic parks, pulsating nightlife and favorite destination for Spring Breakers.


Grandiose Mayan-Toltec archaeological site surrounded by lush vegetation. UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the new seven wonders of the modern world. On the spring equinox the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl is lowered down the stairs of the Pyramid of Kukulcan.


A wonderful historical, architectural, and cultural heritage coupled with a modern and growing industrial, commercial, and financial metropolis. Golden Valley, desert, cave paintings 15 minutes away, the Ojos del Chuvíscar Archaeological Site, and the Chepe Train stop at the famous Copper Canyon.ente

Ciudad de México

Birthplace of the Aztec world and capital of the country it is a megacity full of tradition and modernity that has a rich history and culture. Forest, lakes, parks, skyscrapers, distinctive neighborhoods, metro, metrobus, hundreds of museums and thousands of entertainment venues.

Ciudad Juárez

Place of business primarily with large corporations and factories run by American companies. It has a hotel infrastructure mainly focused on business tourism. It also has 17 industrial parks, an International Center of Trade and Convention, two malls, parks and museums.


Colima has magic. Modern and a peaceful city with green valleys and towering volcanoes. Small city but well qualified to meet the tourist demand. Discover its architecture, history, and traditions.


Meet the unique identity and great hospitality of the White Town of America. Walk through the quiet historic center full of culture, history, and architecture, and enjoy the ecotourism and adventure sports in its 5 Protected Natural Areas.


Located in the highlands of Chiapas, it is one of the oldest cities in the state. Colorful facades and churches in its nine traditional neighborhoods, artistic activity in its galleries, cultural centers and museums, and a gateway to Mayan archaeological sites and the Coffee Route.


International cruise destination. The island is bordered to the south by the second largest coral reef in the world, the Great Mayan Reef, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. It also has a Natural Park, an ecological reserve, and a theme park.


Called the City of Eternal Spring because of its pleasant climate most of the year, it has recreational facilities such as spas, parks, bars and nightclubs. Do not miss a visit to the Botanical Gardens and the Palacio de Cortés, former residence of the Conqueror.


A city with a great economic activity; modern and warm with a Historic Center crossed by gardens and rivers. Spas, botanical garden, recreation centers, lots of art and culture, a Regional Museum, and the Sinaloa Science Center which houses the second largest meteorite in the world

Dolores Hidalgo

Known as the official name of Dolores Hidalgo, Cradle of Independence, it was from its parish that Miguel Hidalgo proclaimed the famous cry for independence in 1810. It is characterized by regional handicrafts and local ice cream.


Meet and fall in love with the capital of the state of Durango. Discover its rich culture and history, modern tourist and commercial infrastructure, and its extraordinary desert landscapes nestled between hills and mountains that have been the scene of hundreds of movies.


Wine route, regional food, Sea of Cortez, deep sea port, nautical and aquatic sports, national parks, cave paintings, world’s highest underwater geyser, international cruises, pleasant beaches and eco-tourism and adventure tourism characterize Ensenada.


Land of the Mariachi and Tequila par excellence, it is the second largest city in Mexico. Although modern it preserves its traditions deeply rooted in the Mexican identity. Charro arenas, regional food, museums, universities, malls, financial centers, industry, golf courses, etc.


Colorful facades, alleys and underground paved roads, Estudiantinas or university musical groups, churches and monuments. Colonial architecture of medieval type, home of the International Cervantes Festival, artistic activity and many attractions, Pípila, mummies, museums, Alhóndiga de Granaditas or public granary, and Mount Cubilete.

Guaymas-San Carlos

Port region where the Sonoran desert meets the Sea of ​​Cortez. Marinas, a golf course, beautiful beaches, water sports and adventure, ecotourism, whale watching, convention center, condominium resorts, and regional crafts stores


A great city that offers a wide range of tourist services and promotes art in general. Surrounded by desert landscapes home to indigenous people, it has an Autodrome or board track racing, golf courses and is just 30 minutes from the large and quiet beaches of Kino Bay.


A small island in the Caribbean Sea where all of its inhabitants are environmentalists at heart. It hosts an incredible protected natural area. Ecotourism, snorkeling, diving, swimming with whale sharks, and turtle release.

Isla Mujeres

Small paradise 13 km off the coast of Cancun surrounded by crystal clear and turquoise water of the Caribbean, it has hotels, spas, restaurants and nautical companies. Visit its national park, archaeological sites, dolphin aquarium, turtle farm, an old hacienda or ranch, and nature reserve.

Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo

A quiet and idyllic destination with beaches, nightlife, golf courses, a crocodile zoo, bike path, dolphin aquarium, and a number of water sports and ecotourism.

Ixtapan de la Sal

Perfect weather, a small and quiet town specializing in health tourism. Golf, water parks, spas and thermal spas, adventure activities in its underground rivers, caves and canyons of Zapote and Grutas

La Paz

Unique landscapes of the beach and desert and the gateway to the world's aquarium. International destination for sport fishing destination that is also a free economic zone making it an attractive commercial port. Whale watching from January to March, water sports, ecotourism, rich cuisine and a beautiful boardwalk.


World Capital of Leather and Footwear with first class tourist infrastructure which hosts major international events and festivals. Headquarters of SAPICA and host of the International Balloon Festival. Visit its malls, Science Museum, Expiatory Temple, Metropolitan Park and Zoo.


A beautiful place where the desert and the Sea of Cortez meet, home to an incredible underwater wildlife. It has magnificent beaches and missions, cave paintings, golf courses, ideal for water sports and adventures with a dune buggy and ATV.

Los Cabos

A major worldwide tourism development with marinas, golf courses, shopping centers, art galleries. At its stunning beaches you can enjoy all kinds of water activities, and its desert landscapes, adventure sports and ecotourism. Its cuisine and unparalleled crazy nightlife are internationally renowned.


Port city in the Mexican Pacific and international destination for sport fishing with charming bays, a beautiful boardwalk, and golden beaches. Venture into the jungle trails for ecotourism and adventure. Business or pleasure, this seaport has much to offer.


Enjoy spectacular sunsets, its very long boardwalk, water sports, beaches, fishing, mountain biking, golf, tours to its famous islands: La Piedra, Los Pajaros, del Venado, del Creston, Chivos and its exquisite cuisine.


Visit La Blanca Merida or the White Merida known for its white buildings, its historic center, cathedral, and the famous street of Paseo Montejo with its European-influenced buildings such as the Palacio Canton, its former ranches or haciendas of henequen or agave. Do not miss the Yucatecan Cuisine, Nights of Serenade and tours to major Mayan archaeological ruins.


Industrial and cosmopolitan city among hot springs, forest and palm trees is one of the main border crossings with the USA. Spectacular deserts, canyons and the surrounding Sierras with incredible natural sites such as the Salada and Hanson lagoons, the Llanos Canyon, and the Guadalupe Canyon.


One of the most important capitals of the country. Visit the hill called Cerro de la Silla, the Sierra Madre and the cavern of Grutas de Garcia, Fundidora Park, the Old Town heart of the Regia nightlife, and the Santa Lucia artificial river and its restaurants and shops.


Land of the Purepecha culture, modern city full of culture that retains its historic center and many of its churches and monuments of the colonial era: Aqueduct, Plaza de Armas, Cathedral and the Birthplace of Morelos, etc. It features a convention center and prestigious golf courses and museums.

Nuevo Laredo

Mexican city bordering Laredo (Texas) is the most important international inland port trading with America. 18 hole golf course, five charro arenas, Public Art Deco Clock, Regional Zoo and Natural History Museum.


Beautiful colonial city that preserves the identity of its indigenous roots present in its food (mole, mezcal), folklore and crafts (alebrijes or folkart sculptures, paper amate). Cradle of the Guelaguetza it is the access point to Monte Alban, Mitla, el Arbol del Tule, and the Hierve el Agua Waterfalls.


The beautiful ariosa; modern, cultural, historical, fun capital, it has everything a big city offers in addition to ecotourism, architecture, spas, natural attractions with a great diversity of climates within minutes.


Stunning archaeological remains amid the Chiapas jungle in one of the most important Mayan cities. In 1952, at the Temple of Inscriptions the tomb of the ruler Pakal II was found. It has a museum and guided tours to the jungle.


Jewel of colonial architectural with lots of history. Here are large lakes and small islands such as Janitzio, the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, Purépechas crafts, candy and regional ice cream and traditions such as the dance of the old men and enjoy the ecotourism in its surroundings.

Playa del Carmen

Cosmopolitan destination on the Riviera Maya with great white beaches and crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Bohemian atmosphere and a sensational nightlife. Starting point for tours, eco-archaeological parks, and a host of land and water activities such as swimming with dolphins.


Modern and important city and a colonial historical jewel with its famous forts. Capital of talavera pottery, it has a lot of activity in regards to commerce, education, the culinary arts, and the entertainment business and is close to the Pyramid of Cholula.

Puerto Escondido

International surfing destination with a bohemian atmosphere, it has cabins, bungalows and small hotels for all budgets. Ecotourism and boat tours at the bays, visiting fishing communities, crocodile zoo, and observe the fauna in its lagoons and mangroves.

Puerto Vallarta

International cruise destination famous for its food festival and championships in golf and fishing. Endless ecotourism activities such as swimming with dolphins, whale watching and turtles, and zipline adventure, dune buggy, and a lot of life at its artistic boardwalk that never sleeps.


Historical city par excellence. Example of culture and art, great business activity and commerce and lots of entertainment. Aqueduct, religious architecture, culinary delights, malls, public bikes, golf courses, museums, parks and gardens, major parks, the hill of Cerro de las Campanas, Magic Museum of the Past.

Rincón de Guayabitos

Small coastal town and tourist area, it is one of the most beautiful beach destinations, quiet and cozy in the Riviera Nayarit. Ecotourism activities and tours to nearby islands, and water sports on its golden beaches with calm and crystal waters.

Riviera Maya

130 km of forests, rainforests, jungles, archaeological sites, resorts and ecotourism, beaches of ineffable beauty. Its destinations are Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Xcaret, Puerto Venturas, Xpu-Ha, Akumal, Xel-Ha, Punta Soliman Bay, Tankah, Tulum, Boca Paila, Punta Allen in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an .

Riviera Nayarit

Tourist corridor of 160 miles of golden sandy beaches with astonishing landscapes, sweeping sunsets, protected natural areas that harbor an amazing variety of wildlife, picturesque villages, first class tourist facilities, luxurious marinas and a wide offering of residential beachfront property.


Land of the sarape this colonial city surrounded by high mountains is also a modern industrial, business and educational center. Headquarters of the Saltillo Expo and International Book Fair, visit the Museum of the Desert, Science and Technology Center, parks and forest and stroll around its surroundings.

San Cristobal de las Casas

Traditional colonial town and very picturesque. Cosmopolitan destination where indigenous populations exhibit and sell their food, textiles and handicrafts in streets framed by architectural jewels and colorful markets. Exit point to Palenque, Montebello Lakes, and El Chiflon and Misol-ha Waterfalls.

San Luis Potosí

Large industrial and commercial city. Silent Procession during Easter Holy Week. Historical Center filled with beautiful churches, culture and entertainment, parks, malls. Regional Museums of the Mask and of the Railroad. Ecotourism in the surrounding Tangamanga I Park, springs, spas, glens.

San Miguel de Allende

Guarded by the majestic parish in pink stone, this charming colonial town of cobbled stone streets full of stories, legends and architectural gems. Cosmopolitan, friendly, quiet and full of life, shops and cultural events. ATV rides, visit the Temple of the Old Atotonilco.


The New Orleans of Mexico, it is the most important commercial center of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Its metropolitan area has two major ports, Tampico and Altamira. Culture and museums, Metropolitan Park, golden beaches and boardwalk from which sometimes tuna and bottlenose dolphins are seen.

Taxco de Alarcón

Beautiful colonial mining town of cobblestone streets, crowned by the church of Santa Prisca. Renowned for its fine silverware and sliver jewelry, as well as its religious tourism characterized by processions during Easter Holy Week. Rural tourism, museums, and the caves of Cacahuamilpa just 30 km away


Most important archaeological site of Mesoamerica and most visited of Mexico. The Citadel, Temples of Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, and the majestic pyramids of the Sun and Moon, traces of Teotihuacan culture, framing the long Roadway of the Dead.


Capital city with great economic, commercial, and trading activity with an interesting historical center, surrounded by forests and lakes for ecotourism. A prosperous and growing city that invites us with open arms. Gateway to the Riviera Nayarit.


Mythical town on the slopes of the hill and archaeological site of Tepozteco. Ideal for extreme sports and ecotourism, is very famous for its sweat lodges, spas, yoga classes, reiki, and meditation that offer hotel service.


Main Mexico-USA border crossing, this great city where tradition and modernity converge is renowned for its great nightlife. The Avenida Revolución, its tourist hub, has bars, clubs, craft shops and duty-free shops, among others.


Small colonial town with lots of history and full of pre-Hispanic and colonial vestiges, both in its historic center and the surrounding area. It has several museums, two tourist routes of Tlaxcala and its Senorios and the Route of Pulque Tlaxcala. Exit point-to the Cacaxtla site.


Modern and important industrial city with growing infrastructure. Visit its museums and legendary archaeological sites, cathedral, historical center and porticos, Cosmovitral Botanical Gardens, and recreational-tourism activities in the great Nevado National Park of Toluca.


Young and dynamic city in the semi-desert of Mexico. Home of the statue, Christ of the Noas, Museum of Paleontology, Currency, Cotton, Region of the Lagoon, Pearl Canal. Ideal for Sand boarding, hiking, biking and horseback riding, ecotourism in the dunes of Bilbao, Zona del Silencio and the Blson de Mapimí.

Tula de Allende

Small town whose protected natural area, Tula National Park, is home to Tula Archaeological Site and its legendary Atlanteans or Giants. It has hot springs, hotels from 2 to 5 stars, cultural and natural attractions such as the Requena Dam and the hill, Cerro del Xicuco

Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Nestled in a warm valley just 5 miles from Canyon of Sumidero it is the state's largest city and the capital of the Marimba, a musical instrument. It offers many cultural and ecotourism activities in its parks, zoo and museums of Natural History, Science & Technology, Archaeology and History.


Colonial city that is distinguished for its coffee, colorful neighborhoods, folklore and lacquered wooden handicrafts. Visit the Historical Center and the La Huatapera Regional Museum of Folk Art, the surrounding archaeological sites of Tingambato and Tzintzuntzan, Paricutin Volcano, and the Pico National Park of Tancitaro.


Hospitable colonial style villa full of history and surrounded by cenotes or natural sinkholes. Includes beautiful architectural attractions, unique cuisine, handicrafts in leather and hammocks made from henequen or agave leaves, and is close to the archaeological sites of Chichen Itza and Ek'Balam, and the Balankanché caves.

Valle de Bravo

Picturesque village of cobbled stone streets located on the shores of a lake surrounded by pine forests. Family atmosphere and lots of sporting activities such as paragliding, sailing, water skiing, horseback riding, ATV, motocross, hiking to the Bridal Veil Waterfall Park.


Port city home to the festive carnival. Lots of history, tradition, regional food, the musical instrument marimba, Cuban dance or danzon, and the Veracruz style of dance or jarocho. Traditional historic center and shopping area, family-friendly beaches, porticos, giant aquarium, boardwalk, Naval Historical Museum and Fort San Juan de Ulua.


Cosmopolitan city on a warm plain, host to the Tabasco Fair, the Emerald of the Southeast is the brand for conferences and conventions. Visit the Archaeological Museum Park La Venta and the stunning Olmec heads, boardwalk, traditional historic center, parks and plazas, malls, museums, etc.


Beautiful and picturesque City of Flowers famous for its constant cultural and artistic activity, its historic center full of historic buildings, parks, traditional alleys, museums of anthropology and the city, Clavijero Botanical Garden, Paseo de los Lagos Park, and Macuiltépetl Park.


Colonial city of pink quarry stone, full of history and culture. The hill of Cerro de la Bufa, museums, cable car, tours to its mines, aqueduct, regional candies, museum with 5,000 folk art masks, unique nightclub inside a mine, charro arena, and surrounded by ecotourism and adventure sports.