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Callejon del Diamante

Places to visit in Xalapa, Veracruz

Places to visit Callejon del Diamante Xalapa, Veracruz

Entre Enríquez y Juárez, Zona Centro

Handicrafts, Callejon del Diamante
Located in the heart of Xalapa, the Callejon del Diamante is one of the more traditional alleys of Xalapa. Its name comes from a legend in which a young woman, wife of a businessman gems, deceive her husband. The merchant kill her and left on the corpse a diamond ring that he had given to her. Today, this small passage is the ideal place to get craft items of jewelry and souvenirs in their various stands. It also has shops, bookstores, traditional irestaurants and cafes from which you can appreciate the back and forth  of the hundreds of passersby that the daily walk.

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One of the most traditioal alleyways, Callejon del DiamanteHandicrafts, Callejon del DiamanteStands with goods on the alleyway, Callejon del DiamanteRight in the heart of the historic downtown, Callejon del DiamanteTraditional places to eat are also found here, Callejon del Diamante


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