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Plaza Gonzalez Arratia

Nicolas Bravo entre Hidalgo e Independencia, Zona Centro

Plaza Gonzalez Arratia

The Plaza González Arratia is located in the historic center of Toluca, b

The Plaza González Arratia is located in the historic center of Toluca, between the streets Nicolas Bravo and 5 de Febrero, halfway between the Teatro Morelos and the Cathedral.

During the colonial period the land it now occupies functioned as a cemetery for the monks of the Franciscan Convent of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.

After being split from the monks in 1883 a market was installed as part of the First Industrial Exhibition, Land, and Commercial of the State. The market operated until 1935, when it caught on fire. Another market was built, the Mercado Hidalgo (Hidalgo Market) and El Cine Coliseo.

The market we know today was built in 1980. It is adorned with a gazebo, a shaded walkway and is presided over by a statue in honor of José María González Arriata (1783-1852), an eminent benefactor of Toluca who is credited with, among others, the construction of several water projects, the building of Los Portales in 1832 and the creation of La Alameda, the Cuauhtémoc Park.

With the establishment of the powers in Toluca, he was mayor of the city and director of the Literary Institute of the State of Mexico.

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The Portales or Arches viewed from the Agora G. Arratia, Plaza Gonzalez ArratiaThe Agora of Toluca was inaugurated in 1980, Plaza Gonzalez ArratiaStatue of Jose Maria Gonzalez Arriata 1783-1852, Plaza Gonzalez ArratiaGathering place located next to the Cathedral and the Portales, Plaza Gonzalez Arratia


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