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Paseo Bravo

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Places to visit Paseo Bravo Puebla, Puebla

Entre Av. Reforma, 11 y 13 Sur, Zona Centro.

Paseo Bravo, Paseo Bravo

The Paseo Bravo is one of the most central spots of the city, and also one of the most famous. It was founded in the 17th century as a alternative neighborhood to the Village Center as it was outside of the Spanish influence.  And in old plans that are still preserved, they show the divisions that comprise this area: five blocks that covered large housing estates. At various times this area served as a military practice field, a cemetery, a site of the gallows, and finally as a square, when the monument in commemoration to Nicolas Bravo was placed. Its present popularity is due to the corridors of the Paseo Bravo where people can walk along, admire the sculptures and monuments which adorn the way, and enjoy an ice cream or other delicious snack that are sold in its many stands. There are often artistic and cultural events held here. This park is located opposite the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


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Paseo Bravo, Paseo BravoPaseo Bravo, Paseo BravoPaseo Bravo, Paseo BravoPaseo Bravo, Paseo BravoPaseo Bravo, Paseo Bravo


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