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Plaza Guadalajara

Places to visit in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Places to visit Plaza Guadalajara Guadalajara, Jalisco

Av. 16 de Septiembre entre Hidalgo y Moreno, Zona Centro

The city’s crest is seen at the top of the fountain, Plaza Guadalajara

There is a place of Guadalajara that is known by three names: Plaza de los Laureles, Plaza del Ayuntamiento or Plaza Guadalajara. This place was built in the middle of the fifties.
The project of this plaza began with the idea of an underground parking that had a nice esplanade on the surface. In the center is a great fountain that commemorates the founding of the city who also holds the shield of the city and is shaped like half-pearl, as Guadalajara is known as "La Perla de Occidente" (The Pearl of the West).

It is located opposite the Cathedral, between the Hidalgo, Morelos and Alcalde streets.

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This square has previously been known as Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Plaza de la Fundacion, and Plaza de los Laureles, Plaza GuadalajaraThe city’s crest is seen at the top of the fountain, Plaza GuadalajaraThe plaza serves as a A shopping center is located within the plaza, Plaza GuadalajaraTours of the historic downtown can be made by carriages that leave from this area, Plaza Guadalajara


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