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Ex-Convento del Carmen (Former Convent )

Av. Juárez No. 638, Zona Centro

Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )

The Carmen Order settled in Guadalajara in the early eighteenth century, after y

The Carmen Order settled in Guadalajara in the early eighteenth century, after years of failed attempts. The tapatia society  was eager for they arrival so they gave various objects for its operation besides  they made important  donations for building  the convent.
In 1758 the works were finally completed and The Carmen became the favorite place of worship for the locals, besides they church was one of the most beautiful of the city, its orchard was huge and its library was one of the most complete throughout the country.
During the second half of the nineteenth century, the nuns donated most of his orchard to the town and built the Parque de la Revolucion.
In 1860 the Conservatives, who controlled the city, destroying several religious buildings, including almost the entire Carmen, Santo Domingo and San Francisco. Obviously the Carmelitas were stripped of place and the temple that was the only thing that had remained standing, served as barracks for a long time.
It was in 1993 when it began to rebuild the former convent and now is a forum with five rooms, a cinema, cafeteria and books. Here are shown various artistic performances and temporary exhibitions of national and international authors. On Tuesdays you can enjoy concerts and on  Wednesday have been named "literary" since 1980, they also present books, they make readings, conferences and seminars related to the art of writing. It also has rooms for various social events such as weddings.

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The work was finally finished in 1758, Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )A sculpture found in one of the convent’s niches, Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )In every detail we find the artists’ hands, Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )This colonial building is now used for art promotion , Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )Located between the Expiatorio Church and the Historic Downtown, Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )Cafe, books, and special exhibits, Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )There is art and workshops held at this cultural center, Ex-Convento del Carmen  (Former Convent )


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